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My Cars
I've been a 3000GT owner since 1994 when I picked up my 1991 VR4 with 17000 miles for $21K.  In 1999 I added the Spyder which had 29000 miles.  Both cars have been lightly modded and I was fortunate to have some open tracking experience with the white one.  The white one was sold right around 9/11 2001 due to a growing family and was replaced with a 2001 Galant GTZ.

In 2009 I added a Toyota RAV4 V6 Limited which was purchased through the cash for clunkers program.  The RAV has 270 bhp and still gets 24 mpg!  Its great for ski trips too with the AWD.  In 2011 the Galant was rear ended so I replaced it with the BMW.

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