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About Me
I'm a EE with 35 years experience in hardware engineering, primarily in communications.  I started with Watkins-Johnson receiver division and moved to Zeta Labs to design RF synthesizers.  From there I joined a startup in cable modems, ISC Datacom, and followed that with five years in VSAT terminals at Andrew Corporation.  After a brief move into cellular base stations I joined Terayon Communications where I spent nine years managing a cable modem development team. I spent seven years in systems engineering for Space Systems Loral, a manufacturer of Satellites for customers such as Direct TV, Echostar (Dish Network), Sirius / XM Radio, and many others.  Currently I work for Cohere-Technologies managing the hardware design for a new physical layer technology OTFS.

I started JNS Engineering around 2004 with the purpose of providing remote top capability for 3000GT Spyder owners.  To date approximately 50 owners have purchased these systems.  The Toplink product was developed in 2009 with the purpose of providing connectivity to the top computer for owners and enthusiasts.

Picture taken in Sept 2001 at Carmel beach, Carmel, CA